Saturday, July 7, 2012

Paleo on the road.

   Summer is finally here and the kids are out of school. There might be a family trip or a business conference on the horizon. You have worked so hard to stay Paleo for a while and now as a road trip looms ahead, you see yourself giving in to the fast foods and seeing all your efforts going to waste. How do you stay Paleo while traveling? This is precisely the time to not give in to the junk foods and the fast foods readily available while on a trip? Below are few experiences, tips and tricks that worked for me this year.

   In January my boss and I traveled to Arkansas and then onto New York on a business trip. While on the trip we ate at Denny's every morning, eggs and potatoes. For lunch we had some kind of a salad with chicken or beef. For dinner we had steak and some kind of a salad. We bought almonds and cashews while in the airport to take care of few meals and snacking needs. I drank plenty of water, decaf and regular coffee. At restaurants we refused the bread baskets and got few funny looks from the waitresses. In Arkansas the Double Tree hotel gives you a nice big warm chocolate chip cookie when you check in. Of course the cookie was refused. The total trip was five days and staying Paleo we both gained no weight.

  In February, went for a two day conference in LA. There were plenty of cookies, cakes, and sodas all over the place for attendees to consume. The conference organizers brought out the sugar loaded foods every two hours. I stayed away from all the danishes, cakes, and cookies. Just drank coffee and club soda to remain social and did not appear a social misfit. Stuck to pretty much the same diet as my trip in January. Once again no weight gain.

   In April, went to see my family in Boston, was invited to many family members for dinners and lunches. Stayed away from the rice, breads, sweets, and sodas. Few family members were extremely annoyed with me, gave me lectures on the virtues of grains and breads. I stuck to my plan, I did probably appear as a social misfit. Me and my brothers made several trips to Dunkin Donuts for coffee. Trip was five days, once again no weight gain. 

   The earlier trips were easy, I was by my self and in total control. But the trip in June was with the family. We decided to take a road trip. The kids wanted to stop at fast foods and eat junk foods from different convenient marts. My daughters had plenty of chips and sodas, and various fruits packed up for the trip. Staying Paleo was going to be a challenge. Here was my solution for staying Paleo:

  • Bought Lara Bars from the supermarket before the trip. 
  • Bought Cashews, almonds, and macadamias.
  • First night's dinner was at a Chinese buffet. Feasted on salads and their Mongolian Hibachi grill. 
  • For breakfast had boiled eggs that my wife so thoughtfully packed, and coffee. 
  • At McDonald's bought a salad and a quarter pound burger minus the bun.
  • Family went to another buffet in Reno, once again had salad with various meats like fish and chicken.
   The trip was 2 nights, stress of a long drive, screaming kids and not optimal eating did not cause any problems for me. The body was able to maintain and endure these hardships without any major problems. Remember our hunter gatherer ancestors who traveled several miles per day. Three square meals per day did not exist in the Paleo time. Once again managed to gain no weight and came home and just caught up with my sleep and was up and running the next day.

   The summertime also means barbecues. Make sure to stay away from the condiments and sauces these things are loaded with sugars, corn starches and will derail you from the Paleo path. I enjoy a simple steak cooked on the barbecue drizzled with olive oil. A little salt and pepper on the plate and it is good to go. In the summertime, I am active with golf and hiking, so eating potatoes does not cause any problems for me. I eat potatoes just about every day. Planning ahead for an upcoming trip is very important. keep a small zip lock bag full of macadamias, cashews, and almonds in your bag or near by. I always keep a Lara Bar near by when on business trips or family trips. Skipping a meal here and there is perfectly OK. Summer is suppose to be fun, make it enjoyable, don't feel that a trip leaves you with no options. These days even Carl's Jr and In/Out Burgers have protein burgers, that are really good. Be creative, have fun, and don't let a road trip or a business trip derail your hard earned efforts.

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  1. Assalamo Alaikum
    When Holy prophet explained the dietary principals to fill stomach with 1/3 of food and 1/3 with water and last 1/3 will fill with light (noor). It is hard but nothing better than this principal. Companions of Prophet started practicing diligently this dietary rule.
    A doctor moved in Mecca vicinity and stay there for a year to practice medicine but after a year moved out of area saying no one become sick here and I cannot make my living practicing medicine.
    Over indulging, stuffing with certain food to compensate diet is almost indecent anyway; eating less if you can is the ultimate requirement for healthy diet.
    Wholesome body requires whole some food, plus need to look little deeply in the formation of ATP and dispensation of ATP in the cells.
    There are many people dying because of malnutrition, starvation in this world but people expires in USA because of over eating, pretty shameful, and this over indulgence germinates marketing gimmicks of selling hundreds of dietary programs. Doctors for few bucks become puppets of marketing shysters.
    Sick persons are require and barred from certain food not the healthy denying pure blessings for the sake of health, do not make sense at all.
    Naeem Ahmad