Friday, June 22, 2012

Paleo Around the Web.

   This is by far not the ultimate list of Paleo hot spots around the web. These sites are generating plenty of buzz and educating people to make healthy choices in their lives. I will add more to this list as I discover more websites. If you guys come across a good resource please share. 

Robb Wolf is one of the leading Paleo spokesperson and he has a great website with a lot of information on the Paleo subject.
Gary Taubes is the author of "Why we get fat and what to do about it?" A prolific writer who approaches food and the whole health issue from a scientific perspective. Also challenges the common well accepted wisdom in the health industry.
NuSi.Org: Nutrition Science Initiative is a brand new site launched by Mr. Gary Taubes and few other of his colleagues. The purpose of this non-profit organization is to challenge the bad science around nutritional topics. 
Mark Sisson has a great site on the Paleo subject. A bit on the commercial side with supplements and many other types of merchandise for sale. Overall a good source of Paleo information.
Paleo Diet Life Style One of my favorite website with short articles clearly explaining all Paleo subjects. My go to website for Paleo recipes as well. A hodgepodge of many good Paleo articles. Good Paleo resource.
Loren Cordain is the author of "The Paleo Answer". The website has many of his published research.
Chris Kresser offers good common sense advice on major health subjects. Good website to visit from time to time to stay informed on the Paleo front.
Matt Metzgar is the author of Stone Age Power. Another good site for Paleo resources.
Dallas and Melissa Hartwig are the authors of "It Starts with Food".
John Durant has a good website with many thought provoking articles. A good website to visit from time to time.
Chris Masterjohn A site dedicated to liberate cholesterol.
Paleo Plan Plenty of recipes, shopping lists, and other tools to keep you focused on the Paleo journey.

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