Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My First Post

   I have been strictly on Paleo Diet for more than 10 months and the benefits that I have seen are far too numerous. The more I study and try to understand the biology and the chemistry behind human digestion the more fascinated I become. The Paleo Diet is in perfect unison with our bodies. The foods that we consume control the way we are formed. We were designed to eat and thrive on the Paleo Diet.
As I speak to people about my experience, I am amazed at the hard line stance many take against Paleo Lifestyle. People are simply not willing to part their ways with grains and begin to eat meats, fats, and eggs. Recently I was told that, and I quote "that I would be committing a criminal act" by telling people to eat eggs and red meat. I am amused at comments like these. I intend to post my personal experiences and few tips and tricks that may help folks lose weight and simply get healthy.

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