Sunday, September 29, 2013

Paleo Journey 2 Years Later

   August marks the end of two years of my Paleo journey. Of course, it is not stopping here. I am proudly headed into my third year. As every year, I do go to the doctor and have my blood work done. The cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure all look really good. Below is my lipid panel and few high lights of the year:

  • My weight maintained around 152-156 pounds all year round. Blood pressure on 9/4/2013 was 108/68.
  • I did very little exercise throughout the year. I did go to Mt. Whitney and completed a 14 miles hike and an overnight stay in the mountain. Throughout the year, concentrated on playing with my children in the back yard and maintained an active life style.
  • I probably consumed close to 1200 eggs this past year. Consumed red meat 4 out of 7 nights per week. Consumed fish at least once per week. Chicken and lamb were also part of my regular diet.
  • Consumed liver, brains, and cow feet soup once or twice per month. 
  • I have been purchasing bison and grass fed ground beef from Costco. A bit expensive, but certainly worth it. The ground beef and onions are cooked in advance and stored. Every morning, I add few spoonful to eggs to make a hearty breakfast.
  • Consumed plenty of fresh vegetables and ate fruits sparingly throughout the year.
  • I did eat plenty of nuts...I am not proud of it. But in several travel situations, almonds, cashews, and Macadamias made great snacking companions.
  • Most often skipped lunch. I made a habit of skipping lunch at least two times during the week. On the weekend 95% of the time skipped lunch. On the weekends caught up with my sleep, woke up late and had a late breakfast and then dinner. 
  • My energy levels have stayed up. No allergies, no joint pains, no stomach issues...not even a single cold or flu the entire year.
  • This year made an extra effort to consume fish oil and consume fresh fish. Carlson fish oil liquid form is great. A 16 oz. bottle lasted me about 6 months. I also consumed fish oil capsules. Treated myself to wild planet tuna in a can. The can of pole caught tuna delivers a potent amount of  essential Omega 3 acids. As you can see from the above lipid panel that my HDL has increased two points. 
  • Tried to be in the sun at least 20 minutes per day. During the winter months consumed vitamin D supplements. 
  • Used coconut oil as the primary oil for using on my hands and face as moisturizer. Used coconut oil as deodorant. Coconut and olive oils were also used for cooking and sprinkling over the salads.
  • Consumed coconut water frequently throughout the year. Coconut water makes a great refreshing drink in the summertime.
   The regular stress of life and work was still there for most of the year. As usual, ran across many skeptics throughout the year. A friend (47 years old) had an open heart surgery. Told him about making few changes in his diet by eliminating breads and simple sugars. Unfortunately, his doctor told him to eat healthy grains and watch his cholesterol..needless to say..lost that battle. Another friend has eliminated breads from his diet and within few days lost 10 lbs. and his blood pressure improved. The few friends that have stayed on Paleo continue to enjoy healthy lives by not worrying about allergies, statins, or high blood pressure medicine and few friends that have given up Paleo are fighting weight gains. Few that read my blog, I hope I provide enough inspiration for you to start your individual Paleo journey. Don't think that modern medicine will save you. Yes, my friend did make it out of the hospital with an open heart surgery, but he is a complete mess and will be a mess for a while. The cost of his medications per month is close to $5K. This is exactly what you want to avoid in the first place. I have said it before and I will say it again, an ounce of care is always much better than a pound of cure. Paleo lifestyle is that ounce of cure. 

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